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Masonic Buildings and Liabilities

Masonic Mutual Limited offers cover which can be tailored specifically to the needs of Masonic organisations. We understand that the assets and activities of Masonic organisations are wide-ranging. Many have historic and heritage buildings, as well as museums that house rare artefacts and treasures. Others have less valuable assets and need cover which suits them.

A mutual provides its members with a greater degree of control over the cover offered. Cover can be customised to suit the needs of the members and does not have to follow conventional insurance market offerings. The Mutual offers specialist cover for Masonic buildings, contents and liabilities, as well as individual Lodge & Regalia cover.

What Does the Cover Include?

Property Damage and Theft

Buildings, contents, fine art, masonic regalia, stock, personal belongings.

Business Interruption

Loss of revenue and/or additional costs following an interruption caused by covered property damage or other specified events.

Employers’ Liability

Legal liability to employees for injury, death or illness.

Public and Products Liability

Legal liability to members of the public for injury, death or illness and damage to property.

Trustee and Management Liability

Personal legal liability of trustees, officers, directors, employees and volunteers for errors or omissions in the management and administration of affairs.

Professional Indemnity

Legal liability for negligent acts, errors, omissions or negligent breach of duty arising from the provision of professional services or advice, unintentional defamation and breach of confidentiality.


Loss of money or goods caused by the dishonesty of employees or volunteers.


Theft of money, identity theft and fraudulent use of cards.

Equipment Breakdown

Repair or replacement of electrical or mechanical equipment which breaks down.

Goods in Transit

Goods whilst in transit by road, rail, post or sea in the UK and Eire.

Personal Accident

Death and injury cover for permanent employees (optional cover for volunteers).

Loss of Licence

Loss of revenue or the depreciation of the financial interest in the premises following the withdrawal of an alcoholic beverages licence by something outside the Member’s direct control.

Additional Cover

In addition, insurance can be arranged for:

  • Terrorism
  • Legal Expenses
  • Contractors’ All Risks
  • Pension Trustees’ Indemnity
  • Travel
  • Engineering Inspection
  • Motor Fleet

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frequently asked questions

Do I need Employers’ Liability insurance if I don’t have any employees?

Whilst you may not have any ‘employees’, the definition of employees for the purposes of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 extends beyond direct employees and can include, for example, labour only subcontractors working under your direction.

It is also possible that volunteers could be considered employees for the purposes of the Act and make a compensation claim against you. Employers’ Liability cover will include anyone who is considered an employee for the purposes of the Act. 

Can you provide higher levels of cover than those offered as standard limits?

Yes, we will discuss your requirements with you and can arrange higher limits of cover where required. 

Do you provide engineering inspection services?

Yes, we can arrange for the inspection of your machinery and plant through specialist service providers.

Do you offer a long-term undertaking?

Yes, we do. We would present options at the point of providing you with a quotation so that you can clearly understand the nature and duration of your commitment to the mutual and the mutual’s commitment to you.

What is business interruption cover?

Business interruption cover will indemnify you if you lose revenue as a result of not being able to trade or incur additional costs following a covered loss to your building, contents and stock in trade. 

Are we covered for communicable diseases?

We expect our members to adhere to the guidance published by Government, the United Grand Lodge of England, and Provincial Grand Lodges in respect of the reopening and safe management of activities within your centre.

Consequently, we do not apply an exclusion in respect of communicable diseases which may result in a claim being brought under the Public & Products Liability, Employers Liability and Trustees & Management Liability sections of your cover.

We do not provide cover for business interruption as a result of communicable diseases. 

What happens if my premises are to close for more than 30 consecutive days? 

Although we have not restricted cover as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a standard requirement that you notify us if your premises will be closed and left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.

However, if you can show that regular visits to the property will take place at least every seven days and that at each visit you have conducted an internal and external inspection, your cover with us will not be affected during the closure period. 

If I have any questions regarding my policy will I have to contact a call centre?

No, the Masonic Mutual is handled by UK based dedicated & experienced account executives. We can be contacted 7 days a week.