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Lodge and Chapter Regalia

The Masonic Mutual Limited covers individual lodges, chapters, and other masonic units that do not own or lease buildings but may require cover for contents, regalia and their legal liabilities.

Based on the following cover limits, and subject to no claims in the last 3 years, the cost of our Individual Lodge and Chapter cover is from £90

What are your standard limits of cover?

Loss of Regalia, furniture and the like:

  • £20,000 subject to an any one item limit of £7,500
  • £1,500 in respect of the lodge warrant

Public & Products Liability: £2,000,000

Employers’ Liability: £10,000,000 (£5,000,000 if terrorism related)

Loss of money in transit or in personal custody of a lodge member: £2,500

Assault following robbery: £10,000

Fidelity (fraud or dishonesty): £50,000

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frequently asked questions

Are we covered for communicable diseases?

We expect our members to adhere to the guidance published by Government, the United Grand Lodge of England, Provincial Grand Lodges and masonic centres regarding restrictions on meetings and dining.

Consequently we do not apply an exclusion in respect of communicable diseases which may result in a claim being brought under the Public and Employers’ Liability sections of your cover.

Are we covered for activities involving children and/or young people under the age of 18 years or vulnerable adults?

Details of these activities will need to be disclosed in advance and specifically agreed by us.

I don’t have employees so why do I need Employers’ Liability insurance?

Whilst you may not have any ‘employees’, the definition of employees for the purposes of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 extends beyond direct employees. Persons who volunteer will normally do so in good faith but unforeseen accidents can happen and it is possible that they could make a compensation claim against you.  

Can you provide higher limits than those offered by your standard cover?

Depending on the risks you face, we can offer higher limits to suit your particular circumstances.

Are we covered for fundraising events that we attend or organise or for work that we may do in the community?

Yes, but if those fundraising activities involve any hazardous activities such as water sport, abseiling, parachuting, horse riding, go-karting or firework and bonfire displays then you will need to declare those activities for our specific agreement.

Do I need Public Liability insurance?

Whilst Public Liability insurance is not compulsory, cover is advisable as things can go wrong and may result in injury or damage to property for which you may be legally liable.

A public liability claim could, for example, arise as a result of a guest becoming ill from food served at a lodge BBQ. Your Public Liability cover would respond to the cost of your legal defence and, if you are considered to be legally liable, compensation payments as a result of the incident.