Storage of Masonic Lodge and Chapter Regalia Between Regular Meetings and Convocations

  1. Property protection with the Masonic Mutual, at the discretion of the owners, trustees and managers of the covered building, extends to cover items of regalia and masonic furniture which a Lodge (or other Masonic unit) may have permission to store at the Masonic Hall between regular meetings.
  2. Except for banners and larger items of furniture (e.g., pedestals, tables, chairs) must be stored in a locker. It is the responsibility of each Lodge to return items to their locker after each regular meeting and to ensure that their locker is secured.
  3. Please note that damage to Lodge regalia and furniture would not usually be covered unless there was evidence of an event such as a fire or flood. It is not the intention of the building owners, trustees, and managers to reimburse Lodges for loss or damage to their regalia and furniture,unless it can be shown that there had been negligence on their part which directly contributed to the loss.
  4. Damage which may have been accidentally caused to Lodge regalia by a member of that Lodgewould not generally be covered by the hall’s property cover. Also, once items of regalia are removed from the hall the responsibility for those items lay solely with the Lodge.
  5. Although the regalia of each Lodge or Masonic entity is usually covered by the hall up to a maximum sum of £30,000 (any one Lodge/maximum item limit of £15,000 in the event of a loss where it is alleged that the hall owners, managers and trustees are responsible) the Lodge still has a responsibility to prove which items have been damaged or stolen and their respective values. We would therefore recommend that the hall owners, trustees or managers ask each Lodge to provide them with a list and description of their stored items together with photographs of any high value items or items of a unique or historical importance.
  6. Masonic regalia can be expensive to replace. Prices for banners generally start at £2,000 and it is unlikely that you will see change from £1,000 if you need to replace a lost or damaged Warrant. Consequently, many Lodges, Chapters and other Masonic units choose to arrange, through The Masonic Mutual, separate cover for their own regalia and furniture to provide that additional comfort should they, as a Lodge, be directly responsible for causing the damage. This cover extends; subject to its terms and condition; to cover Lodge regalia anywhere in the EU and provides the Lodge with liability protection for accidents caused because of work in the community and other social events, which are organised away from the hall. Individual Lodge cover includes safeguards for loss of money whether as a result of robbery or by the dishonesty of a Lodge member.
  7. Annual contributions and premiums for Individual Lodge cover starts from as little as £85 a year. Any Lodge, Chapter, Council, or other Masonic unit interested in obtaining a quotation should contact.
  • Paul Page – Membership Services Manager
    T: 07542 335722
  • Chris Richards – Membership Services Executive
    T: 01253 542932

5th April, 2023